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Welcome to Easytrek affordable horseware
Specialising in equestrian treeless saddles, bitless bridles and accesories at affordable prices

Since 2006 Easytrek UK have dedicated their time to creating and supplying a range of affordable good quality leather treeless saddles which are not out of reach of the average persons budget - as we all know saddles can be very expensive!.

A lot of hardwork, time and effort has gone into the technology, fitting and design, our saddles are used by trekking centres, natural horsemanship enthusiasts and private horse owners across the country. We are also proud to have a growing following in the US, Canada and Australia. 

Easytrek treeless saddles compare very well to other leading brands.
In many instances Easytrek have overcome problem points / issues that other brands suffer.
EASYTREK UK is a UK registered trademark and Easytrek saddles are rights protected.
If you would like advise on fitting, what type of saddle to go for or delivery information please do give us a call on +44 7900 805181 and we will do our best to assist you.
If you are outside of the UK we can give you a call back, just send us an email - easytrek-uk@live.com
UK Delivery is 24 - 48 hours
Europe Delivery is 3-5 working days
US, Canada, Australia and rest of work is 5-7 working days