Easytrek Treeless Saddles

EASYTREK UK have worked since 2006 to create an affordable middle range treeless saddle. We personally source all of our materials ensuring they are of the highest quality. Many parts are manufactured locally in Herefordhire including our pommels and e bars. We make all of our saddles ourselves and take great care to ensure the highest finish and softest leather is used within the budget.

We are very passionate about our saddles and keeping the saddles affordable. We design and produce our saddles for the benefit of the horse and not for the profit margin!
Our treeless saddles are totally flexible. Our treeless technology allows the saddle to mould to the horsse and the riders shape perfectly no matter how much the shape changes. Our pommels are also flexible allowing you to transform the fiitting from low wither wider fitting to narrow higher wither fitting in seconds thus creating the perfect multi fit saddle for many different shapes and size of horse.
Our treeless saddles are far more conventional and traditional in look and appearance than many on the market - so rare amongst other brands! Our saddles are also far more compact in comparison to other brands where you often end up with more saddle than horse!
Some are so long they can measure up to 26" along the horses back but only be a 16" seat? Ours average 19" - 20" in comparison so are perfect for all shapes and sizes including smaller ponies and short backed arabs. 
Easytrek Saddles are much lighter in weight being only aprox 4.8kg which is half the weight of your average conventional heavy treed saddle. All of our saddles have UK made safety e bars so you can use standard stirrups and leathers. 
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    Like the look of one??  Worried it might not be suitable??
Don't be!....
Here at Easytrek we have every confidence that you will be delighted with your saddle.
And to prove it, here's the deal....
You buy one, we will send it out to you via 48 hour courier. You can have a try, put it on your horse, have a quick ride around to get a feel. (Remember to keep the saddle hair free and in re saleable new condition)
If it proves to be perfect for you, then problem solved, in the rare instance that it is not, no problem, just return it to us and we will give you a refund.
We do deduct £10 to cover our admin, re stocking & courier charges but feel this is a very fair and cost effective saddle trial. (UK only)
I don't think we can say fairer than this!